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Club News


Congrats to Chris, who mastered the forward hop up a 2-foot rock at the bottom of Cold Springs Trail today! He dazzled an audience of 10.


Today was our second attempt and first success down the renowned Tunnel Trail. The first attempt was rained out, making for a birthday wish unfulfilled (Happy B-day, Matt!). This time, instead of rain, we were welcomed by ice! Besides the usual rocks, drops, and dips characteristic of Tunnel Trail, we found ourselves making occasional efforts to avoid impromptu ice-skating. Though it may likely be the most advanced muni trail in SB, we put up an impressive fight, stopping only for inspiring photo ops of the Channel Islands plus a rare view of Catalina. A great way to start the new year!


Pilgrimage to Romero! Nathan, Scot, and the reputable Beau came down, and joined Hans and Eyal on a fantastic ride through Romero Canyon. We rode three miles up the fire road, gazing at the ocean for most of our 1,000 ft climb. Megumi and Desiree joined us on foot. We bombed the downhill, trying to catch up with Beau, stopping neither for boulders nor creek-crossings. An excellent ride! We recovered at Hans’ ranch with the help of pool, juggling balls, and leftover thanksgiving turkey. See Nathan’s pics here.


Hans, Eyal, Matt, & Sean rode on Cold Springs trail today. Alot of fun except for Matt’s trip down the side of a 15 ft. cliff. Happy birthday to Eyal! Photos from the ride can be found here.


Great campus ride today. Jason showed up with his newly self-built 24″ wheel on the giraffe. Rode from North Hall out to campus point and kept up with the other unis the entire time.